Let's face it. The exotic fruits are difficult to prepare.

this is Mango Mango


We took a long hard look at ourselves and guiltily realised that we weren’t eating enough fruit. That’s because we’re a generation of corner-cutters, no-time-to-spare types, always asking if we’re getting enough juice for the squeeze.

As good as our intentions might be, fruit just isn’t easy. The easiest fruits are boring. The exotic fruits are difficult to prepare or just expensive. And that’s if we even remember.

So we figured we’re probably not alone.



The Pick and Mix


Team Breakfasts

Our favourite thing to do is sharing breakfast with people like you. We can feed infinite numbers of hungry people from 15 upwards. 

We're all about happiness, wherever you are, whoever you're with, so our breakfasts come with a few extras to make sure everyone gets the start they need. A morning stretch - group stretching to get our posture ship shape, and fill our lungs with air ready for the day ahead. A rousing talk on a number of topics - the first time we come in, we'll talk to your people about the trials and tribulations of starting up. 

These aspects aren't compulsory, rather recommended. 

Email Laura if you'd like to talk about inviting us over.